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Kickstarter QuikByke To Rent Out Electric Bikes


QuikByke QPod system

QuikByke QPod system

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Bikes in a box

OK, y’all may not know how cheap we are here at InsideEVs, but we’re cheap.

Yankee, New England, If I have any extra change I’m gonna spend it on batteries for my next build cheap.  (ed note: Speak for yourself, Dillard – J. Cole).  But here’s a Kickstarter project we can get behind.

Bill Moore, of EV World, floated this Kickstarter idea out there, and we’re going to take our next bounty of lunch money and chip in.  Why?  E-Bike rentals from a solar-powered shipping container, that’s why.

On top of that, you can get one of the bamboo bikes for yourself.  From Green Car Congress:

As an incentive for supporters, QuikByke is offering the K15, a Greenstar Bikes Ecoforce 1 bamboo and recycled aluminum e-bike powered by the BIKE+ All-In-One hub motor by Zehus s.r.l. of Milan, Italy. The BIKE+ rear bike hub contains brushless motor, 160 Wh battery, electronics and sensors, all within 180 mm diameter and 120 mm width. With a weight of just 3 kg (6.6 lbs), BIKE+ All-In-One has the highest energy/weight ratio on the market.

Bill Moore

Bill Moore

Yeah, not so much into the bamboo bike, though I understand how cool it is.  The container idea is what I like, playing into the whole business in a box, tiny houses, tiny offices and, oh yes, the whole “move with the seasons” idea.  Because, have you ever considered running a warm-season-only business in New England?  Right, it’s a problem.

Read all about it on Green Car Congress, or just stop over at the Kickstarter.  Here’s Bill’s video:

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