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Tesla Design Collection Includes Driving Gloves, Totes, Bags, iPad/iPhone Gear & More


Tesla Motors Design Collection. 1/2)

Tesla Motors Design Collection. (1/2)

Tesla Motors Design Collection (2/2)

Tesla Motors Design Collection (2/2 – Click to Enlarge)

Tesla Motors has launched its brand new Design Collection, which consists of multiple items such as:

  • Driving Gloves (My personal favorite)
  • Totes
  • Bags
  • ipad & iPhone gear
  • Pouches/Wallets/Card Holders
  • Key Fob Sleeve

Something interesting in regards to most of these items are their names. Where do they come from? The names come from a town that’s home to a Tesla Supercharger.

As you browse through these items, you will notice that they are made from “automotive-grade leather” which you can find in your Tesla Model S, if it is equipped with the nappa leather seating option.

Now, we are not necessarily experts with items that are “designer”-labeled, but we feel the prices seems reasonable.

(Click here to check out the Tesla Motors’ Design Collection.)

Will you be picking up any of the Design Collection items? Maybe you’re already in possession of one or some of the items.  If so, please tell us all about them in the comments below.

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